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The Catholic Diocese of Wau is one of the nine dioceses of Sudan. It is located in South Sudan and covers the territory of Western Bahr el Ghazal State, with the provinces of Wau, Jur River and Raja, and Norhern Barh-el-Ghazal State, with the provinces of Aweil, Malek and Ariath, and includes two provinces of Warrap State: Gogrial and River Lei.

The Diocese of Wau used to include 27 parishes, but due to the war, some areas of the Diocese were beyond its reach, so it was divided into two: the parishes within the territory of the Khartoum Government remained under the Diocese of Wau, while the other parishes within the SPLA/M controlled territory were temporarily entrusted to the administration of the Dioceses of Rumbek (the communities of North Bahr el Ghazal State, except for Aweil Town and along the railway), and of the Diocese of El Obeid (the counties of Gogrial, Turalei and Apuk of Warrap State).

Actually the Diocese comprises seventeen parishes, two of them under the care of the Diocese of Rumbek and two under the care of the Diocese of El Obeid.

The most distant parishes from Wau are Raja, 320 km to the West; Aweil, 150 km to the Northwest, and Kpaile, 70 km to the South.