Youth Office


Historical Background

The diocesan youth group was first initiated around 2000 with the help of Fr. Santino and Sr. Sarah as youth chaplain in order to promote leadership, instil the necessity of education in youth life, prevent drug abuse and alcoholic addiction, eradicate tribalism and to improve youth situation in the diocese. However in 2004, the youth were mobilised to help in diocesan activities, participate in regional, national and international youth educative program under Fr. Justin Wanaawila as the youth coordinator. 

From 2005 till the present moment the diocesan youth group came with strong youth office and group under the leadership of Fr. James Lual due the various activities and programs, rendering for example Formation of the youth group in every parish, regular youth meetings, and get-together in each the diocesan parishes. 



1. Long term goal 

• To form and prepare youth for and strong and integral quality of leadership.

• To achieve human and social transformation in order be an honest citizens and good Christians. 

• To create a peaceful and stable society in the future.

2. Short term goal

• To prevent rapid spread of street children and prostitution.

• To organise workshops on AIDS awareness and STDS.

• To organised seminars in order to enable youth discuss and identify means for peace building and conflict resolution. 

• To conduct retreats and recollections in order to help youth discover things affecting and challenging them in the church, family and society at large.