The department is responsible for the financial administration of the Diocese by:

  • Securing the practice of good accountability and putting in place adequate systems of accounting control;
  • Ensuring that the financial budgets are operating normally in all Church Institutions and the budgets approved are observed:
  • Controlling that diocesan funds and other assets are properly administered and accounted for;
  • Preparing the annual budget of the Diocese for study by the Diocesan Financial Committee (DFC);
  • Supervising projects, institutions, schools and any other entity whose financial affairs come under the financial administration of the Diocese;
  • Verifying that parishes and institutions send periodically their statements of accounts, the proposed budget and the inventory of all Church properties;
  • Using funds deposited to the accounts of the Diocese only for the purpose for which they were deposited;
  • Providing, at the end of the year, an account of all income and expenditure.