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Re-opening of Deim Zubeir Parish, January 2010

31.03.2010 11:13
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Bishop Rudolf Deng reopened Deim Zubeir Parish on the 31st of January 2010


Last 31st January was a very important day in the history of the Church in the southern region of Sudan: Bishop Rudolf Deng reopened the parish of Deim Zubeir, dedicated to our Mother of Mercy, entrusting it to Rev. Fr. Lino Pinyi.
This event closed a very sad episode in the lives of the thousands of Christians living in this area: many of them still remember the tragic war in 1964 that forced them abandon Deim Zubeir and flee for a secure place deep in the forest, ending up in Tombora, near the border with Central Africa. The exile lasted 30 years during which Deim Zubeir mission remained abandoned.
In 2005, after the peace agreement, people started to return and slowly the whole region showed signs of life. The missionaries did not hesitate in taking up all the challenges that came along with it. The Comboni Missionaries endeavoured to give pastoral attention to the region, about 12 villages in an area of 200 km, from the central Parish of Raja. The missionaries had been organizing frequent visits to the different villages as long as good weather allowed them, since rain makes impossible to travel along the precarious roads.
The reopening of Deim Zubeir parish put an end to the struggles and hardships of the missionaries in their attempts to attend the needs of the growing population in the entire region.
Now Rev. Fr. Lino Pinyi, a diocesan Sudanese priest, has been installed as the new parish priest of Deim Zubeir, in a very lively and well attended celebration, in which the words of Bishp Rudolf Deng Majak encouraged Fr. Lino to fulfil this new demanding task.
Bishop Rudolf also thanked Fr Eugenio Caligari, Comboni Missionary, for the service given to Deim Zubeir in the last five years. Fr Eugenio also addressed to Fr. Lino a message full of brotherly support now that Fr. Lino undertakes half of the huge area which up to now was the Parish of Raja.
Joy, hope and enthusiasm marked the whole celebration. Christians of all ages attended the Holy Mass and witnessed the great event of the reopening of their Parish. Prayers, songs and drums seemed to overcome memories of a painful past. Once more Christian hope and love for life have prevailed.