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Wau sends messages of Peace along Jur river

24.01.2011 12:06
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The "101 days of prayer towards a peaceful referendum" campaing closed on January 1st 2011

The closing of the “101 days of prayer” campaign was celebrated on the 1st January 2011. For the occasion, the Committee For Peace of Wau sent final message of peace trough the water of Jur River. 

The idea came by the image of the river as a channel that can reach and unite all the people of Sudan, with no distinction between southerners and northerners. 

Pens and papers were distributed in various churches in and outside Wau town during Christmas days. Around 300 messages were collected by the 1st of January by the pastors and the priests of the different religious denominations present in Wau. 

In their intentions, the people expressed that God is the only one that can bless the country with peace and their strong desire for peace to be true in Sudan.

The messages were gathered by the committee members and put in a box that was taken in procession from Palica to the shores of the river. Hundreds of people joined the procession singing for peace in Sudan.

After a moment of prayer lead by Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak of the Catholic Church, the box was entrusted to the water of the river together with small paper boats with other messages and prayers for peace in the country.

During his speech, Bishop Deng Majak stated that the end of the campaign is not the end of prayer for peace and encouraged the faithful to keep praying the rosary till the voting days.