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Wau Diocese plants Trees of Life

25.06.2011 11:05
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The Prayer Campaign for the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan continued with the blessing and planting of Trees all over the country


Among the initiatives promoted by the Bishop of South Sudan in preparation for the Independence there is the planting of herbal or fruit trees.

Starting from the 12th June 2011 all parishes, communities, families in South Sudan have been invited to plant a Tree of Life.

The Tree should be an icon of the new Nation, a new born country that needs to be taken care by the citizens but that can provide us means for living and to heal our illness.

Many parishes in and outside Wau Town have been planting trees during the Eucharistic celebrations.

At St. Mary Help of Christina parish a seedling of Lulu tree was brought to the Altar during the Eucharistic blessing.    

After the communion Bishop Rudolf Deng blessed the seedling with holy water and it was planted by vicar general, fr. Germano Bernardo.    

At St. Daniel Comboni Parish two seedlings of Lulu tree have been brought to the Altar during the offertory and at the end of the Mass a special blessing took place and the trees have been planted by two parishioners, a man and a woman, at the entrance of the Church.

St. Joseph parish planted two Neem trees at the end of the Eucharistic celebration in occasion of the feast if the Body and Blood of Christ.