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Wau women clean the town

28.06.2011 15:48
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A cleaning campaign started to prepare the city for the day of independence


A campaign of cleaning has been launched on the 15th June 2011 in Wau in order to clean the town before the 9th July. 

The initiative has been promoted by “Mothers of Peace”, a group of women that started to work in cooperation with the Justice and Peace commission to implement the Catholic Church call for action towards the day of the independence. 

Mrs. Teresa Pasquale, one of the “Mothers of Peace”, explained the group has been working since April to plan the initiative and to involve the local authorities in the programme. She added that the initiative, approved by the Commissioner of Wau County, has been supported by the state Ministry of Housing, of Information, of Finance and the Director General of the Council of Ministers. The different ministries provided financial support to purchase cleaning items and mobilizing the community and fuel for the vehicles used for removing the rubbish. 

Around 50 women gathered at Wau Youth centre and started to clean the compound. Among them, the Minister of Housing and Physical Infrastructure and the Minister of Social Development. Many children and youth joined the women in the cleaning during the morning.

Mrs. Teresa Anyuat, Western Bahr el-Ghazal State Minister for Social Development, stressed the importance of the work of women in keeping the country clean and make it beautiful. She added that cleaning is a responsibility of all citizens and everybody should be trained on how to take care for the environment. She wishes that many people could follow her example and start cleaning.

Ms. Natalina Mabo, Coordinator of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Diocese of Wau, reported she was very happy with the outcome of the morning and especially because of the involvement of the women, who are always the first to start working when new activities are promoted.

Hundreds of women started to clean the youth centre and children started to follow them.