St. Daniel Comboni

Wau Jebel Comboni


Foundation:  1999


The parish is entrusted to the Comboni Fathers


Brief History

The parish was establish to divide St. Joseph parish in two, in order to have a more concerted, incisive and effective coordination of the pastoral work. As the faithful of the parish belong to many different tribes, such as Fertit, Dinka, Luo and Eastern Equatorial tribes, the main effort of the parish is aimed to promote the relationship among the different tribes, made difficult by the war, strengthening the importance of belonging to the only family of God.



The main activity of the parish is the preparation for the sacraments in Arabic and Dinka. Many associations participates to the life of the parish: Youth association, Legion of Mary, St. Monica Women association, St. Bakhita group, Justice and Peace, Choir, Catechist, Administrative group.

Four education centres belong to the parish:

Comboni Kindergarten

St. Paul Basic School - Hillat Denka

St. Raphael Basic School - Hillat Jadida

S. Heart Basic School - Bar Yar


Main Centres

Hai Zande

Hai Fahal

Hai Dinka

Hai Jadid


Marial Ajiith 

Bar Yar

Marial Bai

Thar Kueng

Nyin Akok