St. Mary Help of Christians

Wau Cathedral


Foundation: 1905 


Brief History

The first missionaries reached Wau, that was the Residence of the Governor of the Province, in 1904, but the mission was started only a year later, in 1905, when the Governor asked the missionaries to take the responsibility of the Technical school.  As direct apostolate was forbidden, a primary school was opened and the missionaries took care of the sick and the poor people. The first years were very hard and the mission was set on fire 3 times.   

The Mission of Wau was officially opened in 1908, when Bishop Geyer put on the main altar of the chapel a picture of the Holy Family to whom the mission was dedicated. 

In 1917 the first permanent Church was built.

The cathedral, that was built between 1951 and 1956 is the biggest church all over Sudan.

In 1957 the parish was definitely established and became the mother church for all the other parishes.



In addition to the common pastoral, catechetical and liturgical activities, different groups are present in the parish : Legion of Mary, Holy Childhood group, choirs, dancers, readers, women groups, Small Christian Communities. 

8 centres belong to the parish, which also provide pastoral service to the prison.


Main Centres

Hillat Kresh/St. Mark

Midan Isaac/St. Luke

Jebel Kheir/Holy Trinity

Hillat Sahha/St. Mathew

Gezira Centre

Hay el Muzzafin