Mons. Rudolf Deng Majak was born in Wau in 1946 from Deng Tong, a Beny-Bith, a traditional religious minister, and Alek Hgong.

He was baptized by Fr. Ireneo Dud on February 20th 1955 (named after late Bishop Rudolf Orler died on 17th July 1946).

After elementary school at Langkap and Warrap, Rudolf joyned the Minor Seminary at Bussere in 1957 and studied in the Major Seminaries of Tore, Kit, Lachor and Rome (1967-1970).

After graduating in Theology he was ordained priest in Wau on November 20th 1970 by Bishop Ireneo Dud.

In 1973 he was appointed Secretary to the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference and stayed in Khartoum. In 1975 he was elected Rector of the Major Seminary in Bussere. In 1976 he returned to pastoral work in Kwajok, then in Wau (1980), then in Aweil (1982) after a short period in Khartoum (1981).

In 1980 he attended a Development Course with C.S.Sp. in Kimmage Manor, Dublin.

In 1987 he was appointed Vicar General of Wau Diocese. In 1989, while VG, he attended an Administration Course for senior churchmen with CORAT Africa, Nairobi.

In 1991 he was appointed Apostolic Administrator.

He was appointed Bishop of Wau in November 1995 and consecrated in Wau on February 11th 1996 by the Apostolic Nunzio Arch. Joseph E. Ender, Arch. Paolino Luduku and the former Bishop of Wau, Bp. Joseph Nyekindi.