Expatriate Congregations

The Salesians of Don Bosco first arrived in Sudan in 1980 and reached Meridi. In 1985 they moved to Wau, where they are operating in the parish of St. Joseph the Worker and running the Don Bosco VTC and a Youth Daily Centre. Three priests are now living in Wau.

THE SALESIAN SISTERS (Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice)
The Salesian Sisters first came to Sudan in August 1983. They went to Tonj and then due to the war, they moved to Wau in 1984. At the beginning they were temporarily accommodated between the Nazareth Sisters and the Comboni Sisters; only in 1985 their house was ready. They stated to work in education and health services.
Actually there are two communities in Wau: one in Sikka Hadid (three sisters), where they are running a clinic and a Basic School, and one near the Cathedral (four sisters), taking care of the Auxilium Basic Education School.  

The Jesuits came to Wau in 1973 to help in the Seminary. They were welcomed in welcomed Nazareth. In 1974 they also started to operate in the Major Seminary in Bussere.
In 1983 they opened the Loyola Senior Secondary School, which was closed three years later because of the war, and reopened in 2008.
The community is constituted by five members.

The Comboni Missionaries arrived in Wau in 1904 and soon started to open several missions in all Bahr el Ghazal, that later became many of the actual parishes.
After the expulsion the missions were entrusted to the local clergy and during the war many missions closed and were abandoned.
Actually two communities are working in the diocese: one in Wau town (three members) and one in Raja (four members).

The first group of sisters arrives in Berber with Daniel Comboni in 1878. After a period there to get used to the climate, the sisters moved to Khartoum and soon after, to all the different stations.
At the beginning of the XX century the missionaries started to open different stations in the south to take care of sick people and of the education of the girls.
In 1919 they reached Wau with the main purpose of promoting the women conditions. They began to be responsible for women catechesis, for a dispensary and visiting the families. In 1923 they went to Kayango, in 1927 to Kwajok, in 1930 to Mbili, in 1931 to Mboro, in 1933 to Bussere, in 1936 to Dem Zubeir, in 1950 to Raja, in 1952 to Nyamlel, in 1953 to Kpaile and in 1954 to Mayen.
After the expulsion in 1964, the sisters could come back in 1972. They first went to Malakal, then to Lul in 1975, to Rumbek in 1973, to Tombora in 1974. In 1976 they finally came back to Wau, where they continued the work with the sick people  and started to collaborate with the seminary.
Actually five sisters are in Wau, two of which joined the Solidarity with Southern Sudan project.

Another group of sisters, belonging to different congregations, is working in Wau since 2008, as member of Solidarity with Southern Sudan project.
The project involves a large number of religious congregations that, under the direction of the Sudanese Catholic Bishops’ Conference, is supporting the reconstruction of Southern Sudan after the signing of the peace agreement in 2005, through the creation of training centres. 
The community is formed by two Comboni sisters, two Missionary Sisters Servant of the Holy Spirit and a Franciscan Missionary of Mary.
The community lives in Molem and is in charge of the Catholic Health Training Institute.