Local Clergy

Actually 27 priests are serving the Diocese of Wau:  

  • 25 are diocesan priests;
  • 2 from the Diocese of Khartoum;

Among the diocesan priests

  • 12 are serving our parishes;
  • 2 are retired;
  • 2 are working in Khartoum;
  • 5 are abroad for studies.

Besides them, 17 young people of our diocese are preparing for the priesthood:

  • 10 are seminarians;
  • 7 are attending the orientation course.

Diocesan Congregations

In 1940 the Brothers of St. Joseph were founded by Bishop Rudolph Orler, with the main purpose of teaching catechism in the schools.
At the beginning they stayed in the Minor Seminary in Bussere; then in 1951 they went to Raffili and came back to Wau after the expulsion of the missionaries in 1964. Finally, they took their residence in Sikka Hadid in 1984.
In 1976 the SCBC amalgamated the Congregation of Wau with the Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker of Mupoi and they became responsible for different kind of services.
Actually the candidates are doing their novitiate together with the Brothers of St. Martin de Porres in Khartoum. The community is actually constituted by 8 brothers.

After 6 girls applied to be sisters in 1936, in 1942 Bishop Orler tried to establish a congregation of sisters to carry on catechetical and educational activities but only three professed and only one remained and she was sent to Uganda to join the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate.
In 1955 the bishop established a convent in Nazareth, near the recently opened school for girls, founded the congregation of the Nazareth Sisters.  
Actually four sisters are in Wau and one in Aweil.